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Q: Where are you based?

A: Beautiful and sunny Miami, FL

Q: When will you visit (insert city)?

A: If you can't make it to Miami or you'd rather me come and visit you, I offer FMTY (fly me to you). I have a 3hour minimum but, I prefer overnight bookings. You would need to provide funds for my flight, hotel and transportation. I do not stay at personal residences for 1st time bookings. I do not travel at my own expense.

Q: What are your measurements?

A: I am 5'6. 159lbs, 36DD, 28in waist and an ample 45in in my hips. 

Q: Whats your ethnic background?

A: My mother is Nigerian-American and my father is Dominican & Haitian.

Q: What exactly do you do?

A: I am an entertainer. I host events, bachelor parties, promote brands, act, model and sing. I also do private bookings for gentlemen that would like to get to know me better. Recently I started a career in adult films.

Q: How much to host at my club/party?

A: My usual rate is 250$ an hour but, this may vary.

Q: How do I book you?

A: You can email me to inquire be sure to include the following..

-Date/Time you desire.

-Location (FMTY is available).

-Lenght of time you desire me to host/entertain.

Q: Your website introduction says you are "Dominant" but, I am not into getting spanked. Is that ok?

Of course! I can never pretend not to be something I am not but, I know how to turn it down when the time calls for a softer approach. Having a "Dom" personality does not mean whips and chains, however I can be a bit aggressive. 

Q: What if I am into BDSM, kink & fetish play?

Awesome. I was a Professional Mistress earlier in my career and I have many gentlemen that keep my latex catsuit, thigh high boots and toys from collecting dust.


If its your 1st time I would love to show you the ropes (pun intended) and I will take it slow.

Q: What is "screening"?

A: Screening means I do a light background check into who you are for my safety. ID maybe required especially for 1st time bookings that require me to travel or bookings over an hour. I have many ways to verify you, let's talk. 

Q: What if I don't feel comfortable showing my ID to a stranger?

A: That is perfectly fine! I wish you the best. You should NEVER do something that makes you uncomfortable. I can assure you that discretion is paramount for both me and you. The safer I feel the more fun you'll have.

Q: Why do you require a deposit?

A: Deposits assure me you are serious about booking me. Me being a beautiful woman, many men would like my attention and sometimes they are not genuine.  Deposits are non-refundable and you have 1 year to use your funds if we were to schedule for a later date.

Q: What are your turn-offs?

A: Bad hygiene, closed-mindedness, bad manners and having my time wasted.

Q: What about your turn-ons?

A: Gentlemen that are accomplished, professional, considerate and romantic. I also love when my man keeps himself up! Manicures, nice clothes, well-groomed and smelling good! 6-pack abs are not required, I actually like em' a little fluffy.

Q: Any advice for a NEWBIE?

A: I love 1st timers. Try not to overthink.. I've been in the business for 10+ years and I know exactly what you need. 

Q: How much?

A: Not only is this question rude its too open-ended. Every booking is customized to my gentleman. This question also shows you lack professionalism and have not fully reviewed my website. Try again.

Q: Why did you block me?

A: More than likely you:

-Showed signs of being a Timewaster.

-Asked a lewd/inappropriate question.

-You're a "Reply Guy" and have not tipped me, never had any intention of booking me or bought my content. There is a $50 unblock fee

Q: What is "Blacklisting"?

A: Blacklisting is when your name, number and/or photo has been posted on a private database me and other companions/entertainers use to keep us safe. You personally can not remove yourself from the database and the records are not publicly available. You can be blacklisted for being violent, shorting the providers rate, NCNS (no call, no show) and being a habitual Timewaster.

Q: How do I produce content with you?

A: This is always at my discretion.


If you're trying to break into the industry you can book a consultation for $50 for us to discuss working together. If you're established talent I will review your work to see if we are a good fit.


If you would like to produce something for your personal collection, please contact me at:

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